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Work with Jamie

Welcome, Lovely!

I’m so glad you are here!

And I want you to know that I see you and I understand how you feel. It’s exhausting and overwhelming to feel like you are just giving so much of yourself all the time, to feel uncertain about how to live out your true path and purpose in a healthy way, and to not know how to create the life that you really want and know you deserve. 

The truth is, I believe that you already have all the answers within you. You don’t need me to tell you what to do, you just need a guide, a mentor, to help you navigate your inner world and access your truth and your power. 

Through our work together, you will learn how to practice intuitive self-care and nutrition, create healthy and loving relationships, and live authentically as your true self every day.

I want to help you reconnect with your soul, your intuition, your divine feminine energy, so that you can become your best self and create a life full of love, health, and happiness.

Who I Work With:

My clients are modern, spiritual women that are passionate about personal growth. They are empathic, intuitive, and often healers. They want to feel more connected to their bodies and their souls. They want to feel inspired and excited about their lives. They want to create a life that they love, on their terms, and feel as though they are fully living their lives for themselves and not for other people. They want to feel healthy and happy and embrace life for all that it offers, the good and the bad. They want to feel empowered and alive.

So when we work together, I commit fully to guiding you to the root of your unhelpful habits while also empowering you to find your own path of deeper healing. I will hold space so that you can uncover your true potential.

Whether it’s 1:1 or in a group, my programs will help find everything you need to create the life that you deserve and show up in the world as your best self.

I have worked with women from all kinds of backgrounds, including coaches, therapists, mothers, business owners, health care professionals, and yoga teachers. I have helped women navigate major life transitions, career changes, start businesses, create healthy relationships, and most importantly, design a life in which they prioritize their emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The key, unifying theme amongst all of my clients is that they are committed to the process, eager to make changes, and ready to do the work.

So if this sounds like you, let’s go!

Here are the ways in which I can support you:

Reclaim Your Power

1:1 Private Mentorship

ReNEW You Spring Retreat

A Women’s Wellness Retreat

The Visionaries Collective

4-Month Business Mastermind