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Why Your Mindset is Your #1 Most Important Tool in Your Wellness Business Right Now

Being an empath + a healer and being a business person are two different things, two very different ways of being. And I know that many of my listeners are trying to figure out how to blend these two identities in a healthy way… I know this because I myself have personally have struggled with this in the past and I see it happening frequently in a variety of wellness fields.

Whether you are working a side gig, starting a wellness business, or have been in business for a while, as a healer you are in a unique position of having to balance caring for others while also caring for yourself. This can be a hard balancing act to manage, and you must have the right tools in place in order to do it successfully.

This topic is very near and dear to my heart because I feel like many healers struggle in business, which is a shame because if we burn out, we can’t help others. 

We often put others’ needs before our own, we tend to undersell ourselves, and we overwork ourselves to help as many people as we can.

But this is not a sustainable way of operating a business. We have a high burnout in the field of mental health, for example, and I believe it is because we are not taught the tools for sustainable, life-long work as healers.

I believe the first step towards creating a life and business that nourishes you, feels rewarding, and prevents burnout is establishing the right mindset.

It sounds so simple, but it really is everything.

So in this episode I will explain why I believe mindset is your #1 most important tool in your wellness business right now, now matter what stage of business you’re in, as well as how you can begin establishing the right mindset today. 

Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. The Visionaries Collective – Pre-SignUps

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