Why you Need Community to Thrive Personally + Professionally with Olivia Pelts - JAMIE MOLNAR

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Why you Need Community to Thrive Personally + Professionally with Olivia Pelts

Join Olivia and Jamie as they share their personal experiences as therapists and business owners, what they believe it takes to create a successful business as healers, and why being part of a community is a complete necessity in the process.

Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. The Visionaries Collective Pre-Sign Ups
  2. Sunshine City Counseling
  3. The Nasty Girls Podcast
  4. A Safe Place to Land Podcast

Meet Olivia:

Olivia knew she was passionate about working with people, hearing their stories and encouraging them to step into their fullest potential but little did she know it would bring her here. Having lived overseas and worked in various therapeutic settings, Olivia absolutely loves helping men and women step into their fullest potential through counseling and coaching opportunities. When she isn’t on the couch, Olivia can be found managing the thriving counseling practice of Sunshine City Counseling, co-hosting the Nasty Girls Podcast and A Safe Place To Land podcast in addition to co-owning and co-leading The Visionaries Collective — a business mentorship group for healers. While she loves the opportunities and conversations she gets to be a part of on a daily basis, her greatest joys in life are the relationships she has in her personal world. As a wife, mom, best friend, sister and daughter she enjoys her time outside with the people she loves the most.

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