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Change Your Thinking AND Your Life Through Creative Expression with Estelle California

Estelle learned early on that music provided refuge from a life harrowed by oppression and violence, where her voice was ...
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3 Simple Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spiritual Source During Times of Stress

This is such an important topic to discuss, especially with everything going on this year. A lot of folks have ...
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How to Connect with Your Divine, Spiritual Self with Robyn Augusta

Robyn has been on a sacred journey exploring metaphysics and the spiritual self for 56 years and has a wealth ...
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Why you Need Community to Thrive Personally + Professionally with Olivia Pelts

Join Olivia and Jamie as they share their personal experiences as therapists and business owners, what they believe it takes ...
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Find Your Powerful Voice and Be Heard with Voice Coach Cynthia Z

From young singer to corporate leadership trainer to now sought-after Voice Coach, Cynthia has learned a lot on her journey ...
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Why You Need to Start Saying “No” More In Your Wellness Business

Saying “no” is often a challenge for empaths and healers, especially when we are offering wellness services to others. Whether ...
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Why Your Mindset is Your #1 Most Important Tool in Your Wellness Business Right Now

Being an empath + a healer and being a business person are two different things, two very different ways of ...
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Why Your Daily Habits Matter with Heath Armstrong: A Story of Healing + Transformation

Waking up face down, drunk in the garage with the car still running was both the end and the beginning ...
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Why Diets Suck…And How You Can Live a Life Free From Dieting and the Scale

Let’s be honest...most of us have tried some kind of diet at some point in our lives. And most often, ...
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How to Tap into the Power of Music in Your Affirmations Practice

Do you practice affirmations but feel like it isn’t working? Do you see others living the life of their dreams ...
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Using Creativity and Expressive Arts to Heal Your Emotional Wounds and Access Your Subconscious World

Join Jamie and this week’s guest, Dayna Wood, as they explore the neuroscience of how creativity can help you access ...
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How to Make Peace with Stress: A Conversation with Yoga Therapist Stephannie Weikert

Join Jamie and this week’s guest, Stephannie Wekert, as they share personal stories of overcoming stress-related health issues as well ...
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