How to Make Peace with Stress: A Conversation with Yoga Therapist Stephannie Weikert - JAMIE MOLNAR

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How to Make Peace with Stress: A Conversation with Yoga Therapist Stephannie Weikert

Join Jamie and this week’s guest, Stephannie Wekert, as they share personal stories of overcoming stress-related health issues as well as how yoga therapy can help you heal from stress too! 

Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. The Intuitive Self-Care Guide
  2. Stephannie’s Website
  3. Make Peace with Stress Program

Meet Stephannie:

Stephannie Weikert is a Certified Yoga Therapist who helps smart, capable men and women manage stress with some of the most fundamental, yet little-known principles of yoga.

She’s been teaching therapeutic yoga for stress in studios, hospitals, businesses, and with her 1:1 clients since 2005. Now she’s on a mission to make meaningful personal growth doable and practical with her signature Make Peace with Stress process so that we can be present, calm and confident, and change the world.

When not mentoring individuals and organizations to transform challenges into catalysts for growth, Stephannie can usually be found under a pile of books or working on writing her first book about how to take charge of your chaotic mind and focus on what’s really important to you.

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