How to Connect with Your Divine, Spiritual Self with Robyn Augusta - JAMIE MOLNAR

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How to Connect with Your Divine, Spiritual Self with Robyn Augusta

Robyn has been on a sacred journey exploring metaphysics and the spiritual self for 56 years and has a wealth of wisdom for women seeking spiritual direction. She has particular expertise in embodiment work and loves helping women blend the mind-body-spirit in her work. 

Join Jamie and Robyn as they chat about simple, accessible ways that you can become more connected to your spiritual self, define who you are as a divine being, and feel more connected to the world around you. 

Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. Robyn’s Website

Meet Robyn:

Robyn has dedicated her life to the study & development of all things Spirit and Soul, for her life and the lives God has called her to serve. A transformational leader, Congregational Pastor, Hospice Chaplain. Robyn encourages and empowers the faith lives of people and communities moving through transitions. A Prophet, Preacher and Practitioner fluent in a variety of religions, rituals and spiritual beliefs. Who will guide you to the holy grails that lies within. Awakening you to the most sacred & joyful communion of  Body, Soul & Spirit.

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