How Leaving Your Toxic Relationship Will Help You Become Your Best Self + Find the Partner You Deserve - JAMIE MOLNAR

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How Leaving Your Toxic Relationship Will Help You Become Your Best Self + Find the Partner You Deserve

We have all been in an unhealthy relationship at some point in our lives. Maybe you have left a toxic relationship and aren’t sure what to do next. Maybe you are currently in a relationship that you know is unhealthy and are feeling stuck.  Or maybe you just really enjoy hearing stories of transformation and finding true love.

No matter what your current relationship status, I promise you that you will learn something from Amanda Peter’s story.

Tune in to hear Amanda share her very personal experience of being in a long, toxic relationship, how it impacted her self-esteem and her physical health, and how she was finally able to leave. Once she did leave, she found the love of her life, became healthy and happy again, and is now engaged to be married this year.

This is an incredible story that you don’t want to miss!

Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. Connect with Amanda Here
  2. The Intuitive Self-Care Guide
  3. Gallup StrengthsFinder

Meet Amanda:

By day, Amanda is a full-time Employer Relations Coordinator and Career Coach for USF St. Petersburg where she has the pleasure of working with both employers and students. She assists students with all aspects of their career development from self-awareness to exploring careers and gaining experience. For employers, Amanda assists by connecting with students, understanding hiring practices, and building lasting relationships on campus. By night (or really by appointment), Amanda is also a Gallup-certified Strengths coach where she works with clients on understanding, discovering, and planning how to use their unique talents.

You will benefit from Amanda’s expertise if you are uncertain about the things that are happening in your life, want to improve your current status, are interested in developing your talents into strengths, need career coaching, or just need help getting to the next goal in your life.

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