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I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with each of these amazing women. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:


It was so much fun working with Jamie! I didn’t know what to expect but thought I could use some guidance and a new perspective on how to improve my life based on my current circumstances. She was so easy to talk to – she’s a good listener and I felt like she took the time to fully understand where I was coming from. The “homework” was fun and it really helped me narrow down the things that are most important to me. The advice given, and taken, has definitely improved my overall well-being. Thanks to her encouragement, I have been able to understand and appreciate so much more in my life!

– Christina Zaron


If you’re a seeker, a goal getter and a believer in living your best life, Jamie will help you get there. Jamie’s authentic blend of health + wellness, purpose, soul digging and life coaching has the power to transform you from the inside out. Your Blissed Out Life is a community of passionate women dedicated to living life with intention. It’s time to awaken your inner bliss! If you’re looking for clarity, or to infuse everything you do with absolute joy, Jamie will guide you through the process.

– Kalyn Mould



It’s hard to put into words just how much Jamie has helped me in my journey. As a friend Jamie guided and encouraged me to engage the yoga lifestyle. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t taken that giant step into my first yoga class, as awkward and uncomfortable as it was. I’m a different person today than I was 2 years ago. She helped me unwind the chaos inside and bring forth peace, helped me to learn how to let go of that which I have harbored and held onto for many years, and how to bring peace into those places. There’s a softness in her voice that brings you to a calm place within yourself – and it is truly delightful when she plays her Crystal Singing Bowl. I’m so grateful for Jamie who is my mentor and my friend.

– Lynne W


Once becoming a stay at home mom, I struggled to find myself. I was consumed by my family and couldn’t find a way. Working with Jamie helped me determine that I didn’t have a clear “WHY” because I didn’t have a defined value system. Her tools aided me in identifying what I found important, which helped me re-prioritize what’s on my plate. My focus has been streamlined and I’m not as easily convinced to do projects not aligned with my goals. I’m excited to work with her as I develop my sense of self and my business.

– April Grant

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Jamie has a perfect combination of a strong educational background, work experience, life experience and passion to help others. I consider her an exceptional resource for those searching for greater purpose and fulfillment in their own life journey.

– Angela Long



As a stay-at-home mother of twins, I often find it difficult to balance my own interests and regularly practice self-care. Part of that self-care goes neglected because I lack any time to myself in a single day, but it also stems from a bad habit of placing others’ needs first…pretty much always.
I love my children, and being at home with them during their formative years has been a joy and a blessing. But I have come to realize it has also been a sacrifice for me. Around the time my daughters turned two, I began to feel unhappy, unsatisfied, and, at the same time, determined to do something great. Just for me.
As my first gift to myself, I decided to get fit and healthy. Of course, my fitness journey (and struggle) continues to this day, but in making a large improvement on my overall health, I also gained back some energy, confidence, mental clarity, emotional stamina, and personal motivation that seemed to be lacking in my daily routine.
Almost immediately, I noticed that Jamie’s approach seemed tailored to me and my lifestyle. I felt that she understood the limitations of the conditions I am operating under, limitations that I have difficulty seeing past. Despite my particular set of circumstances, Jamie helped me find an easy way to remain productive and forward-moving.
I highly recommend working with Jamie to help you achieve a more balanced, satisfying, healthy and happy life. Although I am surrounded by women who are already amazing and inspiring, I believe that any one of them would benefit from a session with Jamie. She helps you identify and overcome the concerns that may be holding you back from pure bliss. Jamie gives you the sense that you really can have it all – without sacrificing the things that matter most to you!

– Carmen Diaz Hopper



As a mental health therapist, I know the most effective professionals are those that have done their own work and therefore can apply these lessons in facilitation of their clients’ healing.

Jamie is exactly this kind of professional. Her warmth, empathy, intelligence and intense passion for what she does make her uniquely qualified to be a positive force in supporting women in their quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. Her background as a mental health therapist and yoga instructor round out her focus so she can integrate this knowledge holistically for the benefit of her clients.

– Heather Eslien, LMHC

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Jamie – You are direct and poignant, rooted, and also extremely gentle and compassionate. You embody the grounded nature of blissfulness in all practicality. Any one who is going to experience you is indeed receiving a true, life changing gift , which i can totally vouch for! I shall never forget the gift of our coaching call. That has been one of the greatest helps to me at such a dreary, stuck point around my relationship.

– Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi



I absolutely loved working with Jamie! She helped me through some things I had been struggling with and I can already see a difference in my mindset and perspective after only a short call with her. Jamie is a great listener and empath. She allowed me to open up on a difficult subject and to see the patterns I was repeating. She listened without judgement and with a lot of positive reinforcement. The conversation with her allowed me to see what I had been doing all along and to also identify my strengths and to see how they matter for my business. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach and wanting to transform themselves!

– Namrita Bendapudi