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Yoga For Relaxation: Pose Tutorial #2 {Savasana with a Twist}

Welcome back beautiful yogis!

How did you enjoy your Savasana from the Yoga Pose Tutorial #1? Were you able to relax?

If you struggled at all with Savasana in the last post, don’t fret. It is a very simple pose, yet at the same time also quite difficult. Most of us are not used to sitting still and being quiet for set periods […]

Yoga For Relaxation: Pose Tutorial #1 {Savasana}

A healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit are essential for moving forward and embracing new beginnings. And this is why I love Yoga; we can nurture all three aspects of our being in one beautiful practice. Yoga is a science, a philosophy, an art. Yoga teaches us how to co-exist with all other life within the world. It is a lifestyle. It […]