5 Simple Tips for Getting Started with Essential Oils - JAMIE MOLNAR

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5 Simple Tips for Getting Started with Essential Oils

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So admittedly, it too me awhile to hop aboard the essential oils train. I have seen people advertising various brands on Facebook for some time, and I have had yoga teachers use essential oils in classes that I have attended. I have always had some interest in learning more, but never had the time to really explore the topic further.

So I decided to put a call out in my Facebook group, Blissful Warriors, to see if anyone had any expertise in the area and could provide me with some guidance. {Side note: this is one of the many reasons I love this community – there are experts in so many areas of wellness, you can get your questions answered quickly on just about anything!} I had about 40 responses and lots of discussions about the different brands and how to use the oils.

I decided to meet with someone locally that was recommended in Blissful Warriors and represented DoTERRA, one of the big essential oil brands out there right now. There are several brands, but I chose DoTERRA because the therapist from which I rent an office for my counseling practice uses the DoTERRA and I really liked how the room smelled when she used them (again, total newbie!).

I met with Anik and immediately felt a strong connection to her – she and I hit it off and she sent me home with some samples and information about the brand. I read up on essential oils, learned the benefits, and used the samples that she provided me. Once those were completed, I decided it was time to build my own essential oil kit and  purchased a diffuser and a few starter oils. I have really enjoyed delving into the world of essential oils – here are the DoTERRA products I have tried so far:

  • Petal Diffuser – I LOVE this diffuser – it is super easy to use. I have been using the Lavendar oil every night at bedtime to help with relaxation and sleep.
  • Peppermint – This was one of the samples that Anik first gave me. It helped relieve tension and was a great pick-me-up in the afternoons when I was feeling sluggish.
  • Balance – I used this in the beginning of a restorative yoga class, and it helped me to reduce the anxiety in my body and increase the feelings of relaxation and a sense of calm – one of my new favorites.
  • Frankincense – known as the “king” of essential oils, it one is described as inviting elevated spiritual experiences and is great for meditation practices and post yoga rituals. It also has numerous other benefits for immunity, digestion, dry skin,  and cellular health
  • Breathe – a blend of oils that can be used at bedtime for restful sleep and also maintains easy, clear breathing (great for those with allergies)

Still on the list to try:

  • Wild Orange – apparently this one is energizing and great for boosting immunity. I think I will try this for the afternoons when I feel a bit sluggish

Interested in trying Essential Oils for yourself?

Here are my top 5 tips for getting started:

  1. Do Your Research.  I took the time to research the different brands, read the science associated with essential oils, and study their benefits. Remember – not all oils are created equally! There is a huge difference between high-quality essential oils and simple oils you find at the store. Take some time to learn about these differences before making a purchase.
  2. Find an Essential Oils Rep you trust. This is also extremely important – you have to find someone that is really knowledgeable about the applications of essential oils and can teach you how to use them. Otherwise, you will just have a bunch of oils sitting on the shelf collecting dust.
  3. Buy a diffuser. Once you have found a brand that you like, buy a diffuser. This makes such a difference – it helps us sleep better at night, it fills the room with the essential oil that you are using, and allows it you to experience the oil in a different way.
  4. Start with 2-3 oils. I purchased a few oils that addressed some areas that I wanted  help managing, including relaxation, reducing tension, better digestion, energize in the afternoons, and better sleep. Start simple, get used to the oils and how to use them, and then build your stock from there.
  5. Have fun! Essential oils can be used in SO many ways: during and after yoga and meditation, in your cooking, in your water, DIY home products and body-care products…the list goes on and on. Have fun trying different oils in different ways and see what works best for you!

Have you been using essential oils? Share your tips in the comments below!

Jamie xo

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