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Find all new exciting ways to connect with me below, but first here’s a bit about me:

As a licensed therapist and registered yoga teacher, I teach a unique blend of yoga and psychology that is easy to understand and creates lasting change. I am an advocate for mental wellness and believe that my mind-body-spirit programs can teach women who feel overwhelmed and uninspired by their current lifestyle the steps they need to let go of the stress and enjoy the health and peace that they deserve.

Can’t wait to get to know you <3


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Be Your Best Self Podcast: Mind Body Spirit Living for the Modern Woman.


Silence Your Inner Mean Girl: Action plan template to quiet your inner mean girl and retrain your brain! 

20 minute Yoga Flow Video: Relieve your body of anxiety and stress while quieting the chatter in your mind.

Other Resources

Mini Mindset Makeover: This life-changing workbook shows you how to hit the reset button on your life by building a new happy, healthy mindset.

Ultimate Self-Care Manual: This 45 page Ebook will teach you the best practices for healthy, holistic living!

Counseling: In person counseling for individuals and couples in the St. Pete, FL area.

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