Be Your Best Self Community


Private Facebook group where like minded women meet to grow, learn, and empower one another. 

20 Minute Yoga Flow Video


  • Relieve your body of anxiety and stress while quieting the chatter in your mind 

Silence Your Inner Mean Girl


Action plan template to quiet your inner mean girl and retrain your brain!

Mini Mindset Makeover Workbook


Is your lifestyle not serving you anymore? Let’s hit the reset button on your life by  building a new happy, healthy mindset. 

Ultimate Self-Care Manual


Learn the best practices for healthy holistic living! This 45 page book reviews sleep, exercise, yoga, breathing, and more – everything you need to create a self-care plan that works for you.

Clinical Practice in St. Pete, FL

Your mental health is important. Learn more about Jamie’s individual and couples counseling services for local residents.

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