Episode 8: How to Fight For A Life That You Love with Warrior Girl Whitney Cox - JAMIE MOLNAR

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Episode 8: How to Fight For A Life That You Love with Warrior Girl Whitney Cox

From Wall Street executive to breast cancer survivor, life coach and fashion designer in Colombia, Whitney has done and seen it all! This week she shares her incredible journey of adventure, change, and healing with you, as well as her favorite tips for how you can create a life that you love.

On the outside, she appeared to have it all – a fabulous life, prestigious career, and a killer shoe collection.

But on the inside, she was exhausted and burnt out.

So in 2015 left it all behind the adventure of a lifetime…and she never looked back!


If you are feeling stuck and are seeking fulfillment through more than just the conventional markers of success, this episode is definitely for you.


Connect with Whitney here:

Website: www.warriorgirlcoaching.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Warrior-Girl-Life-Coaching-with-Whitney-Cox-170313123657828/

Instagram: @whitneycox1


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