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How to Recover + Find Balance When You Have Been Overdoing It

Feeling overworked or like you have been overdoing it a bit lately? Do you feel like you need to slow down, take some time to recover, and find some balance again?

It’s time to let go of the to-do list, stop working so much, and find some balance in your life. Af

A little-known fact about me: I am a classically trained pianist and I have been […]

Yoga For Relaxation: Pose Tutorial #2 {Savasana with a Twist}

Welcome back beautiful yogis!

How did you enjoy your Savasana from the Yoga Pose Tutorial #1? Were you able to relax?

If you struggled at all with Savasana in the last post, don’t fret. It is a very simple pose, yet at the same time also quite difficult. Most of us are not used to sitting still and being quiet for set periods […]

Yoga For Relaxation: Pose Tutorial #1 {Savasana}

A healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit are essential for moving forward and embracing new beginnings. And this is why I love Yoga; we can nurture all three aspects of our being in one beautiful practice. Yoga is a science, a philosophy, an art. Yoga teaches us how to co-exist with all other life within the world. It is a lifestyle. It […]

How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine

morning routine


So in my last blog post (check it out here), I shared my experience with trying to create the right morning routine that suits my personality and my schedule. I tried a million different things until I finally created my own routine that worked for me…and I want to share it with you so you can see how simple a morning routine can be!

Jamie’s 20 minute […]

How to Bring More Love into Your Life


I recently read a passage from Swami Vivekananda that really rang a bell with me (Swami Vivekananda was an Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th-century saint Ramakrishna – learn more about him HERE):

“You must not criticize others; you must criticize yourself. If you see a drunkard, do no criticize him; remember he is you in […]